Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week 13

Happy week 13 everyone!

After a month or so of hearing nothing from Indiana Festival Theatre (IFT - the summer stock theatre based out of IU) about Ben's audition for their summer productions we assumed that he was out of the running.  However, Wednesday Ben got an email asking if he was still interested and, if so, could he come in to read again on Friday?  Read he did and they offered him two rolls right on the spot!  He will be playing Hortensio in The Taming of the Shrew and Donald in You Can't Take It With You.  We are thrilled that he got cast and that he doesn't have to worry about finding a non-theatre job for the summer.  Plus we will be working together once again!

In our entry "An IU Addition!" we posted some pictures of a short film Ben made with our friends, Jake, Erica, and Glenn.  Here is the finished product!

On Friday, we got together with "Party of Two" (or P.O.T. not the best acronym...), a group of relatively newly married couples from church without kids, to color Easter Eggs.

 The Set-up

New friends from the other family ward in town, Zhenya and Justin!  They were a hoot and we're super glad to have met them.

Allison and Michael.  This picture almost didn't happen because Michael is hard to pin down, but it was worth the wait - look at how cute they are!

Erica and Jake (of "Incidental Damage").  The fabulous hosts of this event and people we've been really happy to hang out with more than any other non-school people.

 Jake pooped out towards the end of the night. Understandably, too, because his eggs were super intensely decorated.

The results - the most creative eggs I have ever seen. Zhenya and Justin had to leave before I took this, so theirs aren't included, but the Cadbury egg minis did a decent job standing in.

Our eggs!  I have to say, I am super proud of the hipster-plaid egg I made top right.



  1. most amazing eggs we've ever seen. my boys say they rock!

  2. Loved the ending on the video! So fun!


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