Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Titanic Week

Looking back on this week it's hard to believe all that got accomplished.  Waiting for Lefty opened, I had three big assignments due, attended an amazing two-day master class for rendering in Photoshop, I broke my old phone and got a new one - finally joining Ben's phone plan, and managed to have an amazing girls' night with Julia and Erica (which involves a story about having an amazing husband).

Waiting for Lefty made my week super rough because I could only work on it in my free time after 5pm.  There was a dress rehearsal Monday and Wednesday with Tuesday off to work on notes.  Thursday was preview and Friday opening.  I had help with hair and wardrobe, but the hair girls are relatively unreliable, so I had to fill in here and there.  For example, I got a call from the stage manager in the middle of girl's night yesterday asking me for the lady's phone number because she hadn't shown up.  By the time I got the message it was too late.  She never did show.

I was planning to have pictures to post, but the night pictures were taken the most went wrong with costumes, so I'm not very happy with them.  I will, however, post a couple renderings.

Friday night we went to appetizers with the costume MFAs to celebrate the last opening night of the school year, which was for Cabaret.  From there Ben and I attended the opening night of Lefty, followed by an opening night reception at a berger and ice cream place called Bubs.  When Cabaret got out, we met up with Katie, Jeff, Julia, and Julia's fiance Reynolds at our usual opening night spot, The Irish Lion.  It was a very awesome and social night.

Saturday I attended the Photoshop master class taught by a guest artist, Rafael Jean.  I had the privilege of driving Rafael to and from his hotel, which was great because he is an amazing gentleman, and super nice!  Photoshop is a very new medium for costume rendering, but it's certain to become more and more commonly used, so this was an invaluable weekend.  Here's what I made (note: the actual sketches are not mine - two belong to Rafael, and one to Linda Pisano, my costume design professor, and that one was drawn by a past student):

 Left: My first photoshop rendering.  Right: The homework assignment and what we presented at the end of the class today.

Something I was working on throughout that I like a lot, but it isn't quite finished.

After the master's class on Saturday Julia and I met up with Erica for a girl's night!  Here's the story:  Ben had the idea to coordinate with Jake and Reynolds to get each of us ladies a gift certificate for a manicure/pedicure.  They gave them to us on Wednesday so we could include it in the plans we were already forming to go see "The Titanic."  So, after coming home from a really rough night at Waiting for Lefty, Ben presented me with this incredibly thoughtful gift - I was just floored.  Am I blessed or what?

So we got mani-pedis at 6, followed by a quick dinner and Titanic!!! And it turned out that we happened to pick the exact anniversary of the ship's sinking to go.  It was great to see the movie again after so long; though, it was completely unnecessary to have it in 3-D...

 O.M.G. Mani-Pedis! 

After the movie we felt it necessary to pose for pictures in front of the giant poster with our boarding passes... of course.

 Julia just could not hold herself together.  Which is understandable, I mean, look at us.

While we were out, the guys planned to have a guy's night.  Unfortunately, Jake was sick, so it was just Ben and Reynolds, or Benolds, as we call them because they look like they could be brothers.  It's actually kind of freaky, and often initially confuses people when one of them comes into the shop.  They went bowling and played arcade games.  Adorable.

Finally, Ed's wall was finished last weekend!  I was able to go out there, meet Ed and his wife, and get a tour of their amazing home and grounds.

Ben and Richie, another young gentleman who helped build the wall.

The wall!

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  1. great that you are working on 'lefty'! what a fascinating play, and your designs are beautiful and serve the story so well.


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