Monday, April 23, 2012

The Little 5.

Bloomington prepared for and celebrated the Little 5 this week.  The Little 5 is a 50 mile bicycle race held each year at the IU Bloomington campus.  People celebrate by spending the entire week intoxicated and disrupting traffic in various ways (driving drunk, walking in front of moving cars, and other general mayhem).  I only witnessed glimpses of the festivities as I was mostly locked away in the theatre building preparing for finals, which are ONE WEEK AWAY!!!

I was able to fit a couple break into my schedule.  On Friday, Ben and I celebrated two years since our wedding engagement by getting cheap (and delicious!) burgers and watching IU's production of Cabaret, followed by homemade ice cream at Jiffy Treat.  It was a lovely and much needed date night - this work-non-stop-to-finals schedule has started to bum us out a little bit.

A couple weeks ago I applied to be a blogger for IU while overseas ( and I found out this week that I got the position!  I'm pretty sure I'm the only one going to London this summer who applied; but I'm not complaining!  I get to go to a blogger seminar to prepare and everything.  Very exciting.

Saturday the designers of Waiting for Lefty were given another opportunity to take pictures!

 Left: Fatt, Right: Edna and Joe (I made Edna's dress)

 Left: Florence (foreground) and Iris (originally "Irv"), Right: Doctors Barnes and Bejamin

***SPOILER*** Woman announces that Lefty is dead.

Finally, my 1910s half-scale from 1913.  I'm only posting this because I am really proud of it - the teens are super tricky!

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