Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cross Country Adventure Part 1: Barely getting through California

We have arrived in Bloomington, Indiana!  Yesterday I had orientation, which has helped me feel much more at ease about starting school and jumping into designing a show.  I'm feeling pretty stoked about it all.  Ben is working really hard to move us in and has already found an audition for the Jewish Theatre of Bloomington.

Now for pictures from our trip!

 This is a google map of our route.  We took about 5 days to drive just over 2800 miles.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Gondola Ride on Lake Merritt

Good morning!

Yesterday was a rough day.  It was actually a good day, but a bunch of time was wasted waiting for our car radio to get diagnosed, and many of you may not know this, but I don't deal well with wasted time (at least not when I don't have much time to waste!).

All that to say, the first part of the day was rough, but then I got a couple important things done and headed out to Lake Merritt in Oakland for a complimentary Gondola ride!  And oh, how we like complimentary things!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A teacher once told me...

In high school I was really bad at turning in my math homework on time.  It wasn't so much that I didn't do my homework; rather, I would miss one assignment and as a result the following assignments would also be late.  One day my calculus teacher, Mr. Miller, approached me and gave this bit of advice:  instead of doing the oldest assignment first, start with the newest assignment and catch up on the older assignments later.  That way, only a couple assignments would be late rather than all of them.  I don't think I ever actually applied this to my math homework, but every time I open my journal (or log onto this blog) and see how far behind I am, I think of Mr. Miller's words and do my best to focus on what's happening now rather than worrying about all the things I've missed.

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