Thursday, July 23, 2009

So I've tried started to write this blog entry a few times but each time I lose focus and it seems to drag on and on and I don't know what to narrow down to.

I went house hunting in Berkeley this last Monday and Tuesday (my days off). Housing up there is very expensive and tough to find, but it's great to have God on your side. I went to FHE and found out about two guys that were looking for a third person to share a three bedroom apartment. It's a mile or two from campus, so not at all bad on a bike, and it's in a really pretty part of town. The best part is that rent is $500 a month cheaper than just about anything else I was finding. That's right. $500 hundred CHEAPER! That gives you an idea of the cost of housing in the area and what a great deal I seem to have found. I ta;lked to some people who've lived there before and they said it's a great place. Also it's with two guys from the ward who I talked to on the phone and who seem pretty cool. (Should I have used "whom" in that last sentence?)

Things hopefully will be official in a couple of weeks. Anyway the Lord sure seems to have had his hand in just about every step of all this. It keeps feeling like I'm just sort of throwing myself forward and then things work out better than I could have wished for.

Well that's all for now. More later, I promise.
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