Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Indiana University

Last Tuesday, March 1st, Ben and I flew out to Bloomington, Indiana to visit the campus of Indiana University.  Unfortunately, we have absolutely NO pictures because the trip was SO fast.  We left our house Tues. at 4am to catch our 6:35 flight.  We flew out just as the sun was rising.  It was absolutely GORGEOUS and I kick myself for having the camera in the overhead.  We had a connecting flight in Chicago, landed in Indianapolis at 4:55 and drove an hour to Bloomington.  The drive was great - Indiana is so different from California.  I thought it was really pretty, even with completely bare trees.

On the drive down we noticed several "Steak 'n'  Shakes" which we figured were the midwest equivalent to In 'N' Out and decided we must eat there.  Our decision was wise - the food was delicious!  We then rushed to watch a performance of Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale.  We were so tired, we could only sit through about 30 minutes worth.  We drove two minutes away to the Travelodge and crashed.

Bright and early we awoke to pack up, enjoy a much appreciated continental breakfast, and head to the school. We were early so we drove around Bloomington.  It was very quaint.  Downtown was tiny but there were very few chain stores.  Everything is there for and because of the University, which is very new to me.  And campus was so. Gorgeous. Yes, I went to Pepperdine, and Malibu is very pretty.  But this is just completely different.  All the buildings are made from this beautiful, light limestone from a local quarry (If I'm remembering correctly).

Anyway.... Ben and I parted ways.  I went to the costume shop and met with the faculty, presented my portfolio, toured the theater, sat in on two classes, and was treated to lunch at an adorable restaurant I don't remember the name of.  I loved the experience.  Everyone - students and faculty - were incredibly welcoming, interesting, and down to earth.  It was a comfortable and creative atmosphere.

Ben met and auditioned for several faculty and was given a tour of the theater.

Around 2:30pm we met up and drove back to Indianapolis.  We learned that if you don't fill up a rental car's gas, they'll charge you $10/gallon!  We quickly turned ourselves around and found a gas station (there were surprising few).  We flew to Chicago where we learned our flight was delayed due to winds in SF, so we watched The West Wing on our computer.  We finally arrived in SF around 11pm on Wednesday.


  1. Wow, I'm tired just reading this! Sounds like a fun, but fast trip. I hope everything goes well for you.

  2. Barbara, have you ever been back east before-other than Chicago on your last trip? It is a completely different world; even the air is different. And it's a very different kind of beautiful than CA beautiful. I've been feeling a little homesick for the East lately. Sadly, it's just so far away...

  3. We are so excited for you guys and the future you have in store! Keep us posted!


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