Friday, February 25, 2011

Walking Albany Hill

The Bay area is fairly hilly and we live at the base of Albany Hill:
Our apartment is located approximately at the arrow.

I really like this hill because - though it's hard to tell here - it is cover with Eucalyptus trees so the hill looks as though it has a head of hair.  I also like it because it's a random peace of relatively unadulterated nature in the middle of the city.

Recently, Ben and I have been trying to get to bed earl(ier than usual) so we can wake up earl(ier than usual) and go for a walk.  Albany hill is a great workout and it is gorgeous!

This is usually where our walk ends, but seeing the sign for "Catherine's Walk" we decided we should start here this time around.  It turns out "Catherine's Walk" is just these stairs.  At the top there is just another sign.

A view of the Bay and Golden Gate Bridge.

Looking Southwest. Under the red arrow is the Campanile (pronounced Camp-o-neal-y... roughly).  That's the bell tower at the UC Berkeley campus.  It can be seen from almost anywhere on the East Bay.  If it wasn't so bright, you could definitely be able to see it more clearly.

The view of the South - Oakland

The Southwest - San Fransisco

Almost to the top!

As you can see, there is a random cross on Albany hill.  It lights up at night and can be seen from the little towns below.

At the top looking back - you can see the cross, ever so slightly, to the left of the path.

The path ends and there's a road we follow back down to our house.  It's fabulous!

School update:  As of right now, we have made plans to visit Indiana University next Tuesday and Wednesday (thank you tax refund!).  The University of Florida called me today to make me an official offer, and called Ben to make an appointment for a more extensive phone interview.  It sounds promising; we just aren't sure if the school is for us or not.  Right now, we're hoping it'll go well in Indiana and that they'll make us both an offer.


  1. I love California! Good luck on the job interview!

  2. Wow--good luck with the interview!

    How great that the open green space is also a hill that gives you great views, AND happens to be right next to your apartment. Awesome.

  3. what a great little hike, right next to your apt. i love eucalyptus trees.


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