Monday, February 9, 2015

Farwell, Daisy Tillou

The run of Hale Center Theatre's Is He Dead ended Saturday. I was able to see it one more time on Friday before it closed and it was such fun! Despite what you may assume, I hadn't seen the show since opening and it had changed in some subtle and silly ways. The actors had really settled into the humor of the show and added some great bits, both playing with the audience and one another. Because Ben changes back into his Jean Francois Millet costume for curtain call, we hadn't gotten the chance to take a picture together; me and Daisy. So, of course, I had to sneak backstage at intermission to take advantage of our final opportunity for a photo op.

Me 'n' Daisy
After the show on Friday there was a lovely cast dinner hosted by the theatre. We may or may not have been encouraged to take home four containers of leftovers... thank goodness we live with a family of seven! All in all, it was an incredible Utah debut and I know Ben was super sad to see the show end and have to say goodbye (for now) to all his new friends. But there are some exciting things in the works *wink, wink*

I'm also really glad to have my husband around a little more for a while. And in pants.

Finally, we're in the third trimester, folks! Baby is due to arrive sometime in about 2 1/2 months. Preparations for birth have begun. This is not a drill. I've been feeling pretty good, mostly just increasingly congested. Babbott3*, as we fondly refer to her, (just kidding, we mostly call her "the baby" or sometimes by the name we think we've landed on, but I'm not going to announce that today on the blog!) has been hiccuping and moving around a lot. My favorite is when she flutter kicks to one side (a future swimmer?!). It's freaky to watch but it tickles and makes me giggle.

28 Weeks!
That's it for this week! We have some exciting Valentine's plans - we're going to see some actual human hearts! Er... what? Come back next week to find out what in the world I could possibly mean!

*EDIT 2/9 - We haven't actually referred to her as Babbott 3 until yesterday morning (2/8) when our friend, Steph, referred to the baby as such and we immediately adopted it. She and our other Scouser friend, Sarah, have contributed some fabulous suggestions to the baby name pool, one of our favorites being Penguin "Penny" Palooza Abbott.


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    1. Sorry Steph! I should have credited you with that - blame on writing late ;) Adding the credit now!

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