Monday, January 26, 2015

The Week A Mormon Calls Into a Foodie Podcast

The exciting thing that happened this week was that Ben was the feature caller on one of our favorite podcasts, the Sporkful!

The podcast's tag line is "it's not for Foodies, it's for Eaters" and it focuses on how to make the most from your eating experience. Whether that be to fold your slice of pizza in half, cheese-side out, to have immediate contact between tongue and cheese (an idea I disagree with, but admittedly have yet to try), or whether or not it's best to have more bite variety or bite consistency, when you listen to the show, opinions arise in you that you didn't realize you had, and it's really fun! Dan Pashman, the podcast's host, interviews various food experts, restaurant owners, food bloggers, Weird Al, and even a meteorologist, about their approaches to food and eating, as well as getting glimpses into places like the Campbell food test kitchens (they have five "types" of kitchens that reflect different eating/cooking personalities of their consumers). It's a really interesting show that I highly recommend to anyone who gets any enjoyment out of eating.
So, around Thanksgiving, we were listening to the three Thanksgiving episodes, one of which talked about special Thanksgiving cocktails. This got Ben thinking (though this wasn't the first time this had come up) that there are no non-alcoholic pairings for people who enjoy food and want to try and incorporate the flavor of their beverage in with the meal. Ben wrote into Mr. Pashman about his conundrum, and he was very quick to respond that it was a great question and he wanted to have Ben as a caller on the show, because he was going to dedicate an entire show to specialty and gourmet sodas! It is fascinating! They pair these specialty sodas with different meals, discuss the reason for the reasons behind why different regions refer to carbonated beverages by different names (soda, pop, and coke), among other discussion points.

So here is the link to listen to the podcast: A Soda Jerk and a Mormon Walk Into A Podcast Ben is on at the beginning and again towards the end.

I'm basically living with a celebrity!

A couple other fun links from around the web:

Harry Potter is going to be re-released fully-illustrated! There will be one book released each year starting this October!

One of my favorite bloggers, Joanna Goddard, has new posts up in her "Motherhood Around the World" which I love, love, love!

Finally, two reviews (from the Salt Lake Tribune, and the Deseret News) of Is He Dead in which Ben gets some good press!

Have a great week!

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