Monday, January 23, 2012

Super, Duper, Pooper Scooper Fast!

Three-year-old Daniel provided us with this quote-of-the-morning in primary at church this morning when challenged to sing "head, shoulders, knees, and toes" as fast as he could.

First order of business: I have discovered the snail mail version of twitter and it's FABULOUS! It's called Post Crossing.  I won't make you suffer through my terrible descriptions, but it's extremely exciting.  If you love checking the mail like I do, now you can actually know that something good is coming.  I hang the post cards I receive in my cubical at school which makes for an interesting and fun-looking work space.

Ben had his first magic show today!  Although I promised a video or photos, I left the camera at school and couldn't capture the rehearsal performance, but I will get something up here soon.  Ultimately, it went super!  The kids (all 6-year-olds) hopped up on birthday party adrenaline just loved Ben and his magic; they apparently got way into it.  The parents were also impressed and several asked for Ben's card, which he doesn't have... yet.  So this might turn into quite the little side job; who knew!

This week has been super productive, and I've still managed to stick to going to the gym twice a week.  Hmm... that doesn't sound that impressive, but I promise you it is!  And it has made me feel really good.  On top of all that exercise, Ben and I have just finished the first week of a new, two person, month-long menu plan I found on Learnvest.  It was really tasty, very well balanced, and inexpensive.  I'm telling you, we haven't eaten this many vegetables in ... well, since I was a vegetarian!  We just don't know how to cook them very well.  They are recipes we would normally look at and pass up because the name alone sounds too fancy, but it is totally manageable.   You prepare everything on Sunday, then the actual cooking each day takes very little time and you have this amazing meal.  Not to mention that it's just the right proportions so no food goes bad!

Lastly, here are some pictures of the construction I've done this week:

 This is a dress for the upcoming show, Les Dangerous Liaisons.  It is an unfinished 18th century French Watteau gown (The Watteau is more or less the pleated part in the back by the neck) that will ultimately go over paniers, which are large hip-buckets, so the dress will stick out considerably on the sides.  The blue part in the back is an ENTIRE CIRCLE SKIRT.  This thing is huge and heavy, and I constructed it :)

This is the half-scale dress I draped this week.  It is from 1640-ish.  Don't worry, it isn't just you, it really doesn't look like much.  From here I turn it into a pattern (which I actually did today), and from the pattern I would cut the dress into the fashion fabric.

Enough technical gobble-di-gook for now - time for bed!


  1. i love reading your blog barbara!!

  2. That medieval dress is danger impressive. Also, I'll have to check out the menu planner since I'm really bad at that.

  3. I meant dang impressive. Stupid autocorrect.

    1. Danger also works... it's certainly heavy enough to be considered a hazard :)


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