Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer Round-up: Work

"Summer break" as an adult is rarely the same as Summer break as a kid.  At least, it doesn't resemble what I remember Summer being like; although my memory is almost certainly skewed by images of what Summer break looks like in the movies and on TV.  I was on swim team for as long as I can remember and played water polo a couple summers in high school; otherwise, I babysat here and there and read bucket loads of books.  I would spend lots of time at my aunt's pool with my best friend (thank you, Rachel, for helping me remember...) Sometimes there was church camp. Lots of frappes from Juice 'n' Java before Starbucks shut it down.  Then lots of frappes from Starbucks.  Otherwise, armfulls of free time, I suppose.

These days we have no problem filling three months.  Book ended by Questions of the Heart, the Summer has been occupied with project after project:

Indiana Festival Theatre (IFT)
Ben is so talented! It was great fun to see him in such different roles as Cornelius in the Matchmaker, and the Prince, Don Pedro, in Much Ado About Nothing.  A few kids from church came to see him and they are now dearly devoted fans, it's seriously adorable.

 Ben as Cornelius in the Matchmaker

 Ben as the Prince, Don Pedro, in Much Ado About Nothing

The dresses I made for Beatrice in Much Ado

Studio Forza Summer Camp
 I had the privilege to help teach arts & crafts -slash- build scenery and costumes for Studio Forza's inaugural summer  camp.  The kids put together a concert at the end of the week.  The concert theme the kids came up with was "Composers in a Summer Storm" - isn't that just the most intriguing theme?  All the music was inspired by weather and nautre.  They colored portraits of their composers and decorated smashing t-shirts.  It was such a pleasure to experience their vast creativity.

Discussion about what sorts of things distinguish a Summer storm from a Winter storm and how we can turn that into a set.

Summer storm clouds!

Fiber Art Fabric ... internship?
I've been interning/working with a local textiles artists to sew samples using fabric she paints and sells.

Inquisitive Productions
Ben's new website/blog I helped create with our dear friend, Krista:

The website/ blog is not only for Questions of the Heart, but for all of Ben's projects, the research he's conducting for those projects, things he's learning, and general thoughts on the world.  He's blogging as the "Inquisitive Mormon" and Inquisitive Productions will be a production company of sorts, comprised right now of just Ben... and me... kind of.  We're still figuring it all out, but we're pretty excited about it.

Lord of the Flies
I'm assisting with costumes for Cardinal Stage's production of the Lord of the Flies.  I attended a read through last week and think it's quite promising.  I'll be working on it through September.

We worked pretty hard, but we also played quite a bit, but that's for next time...


  1. Wow, you guys are so busy. The purple dress you made for Beatrice is just beautiful. Good work.

    1. We are, but we're having fun, too, so that helps :) And thank you! I'm really happy with it.

  2. I want to wear those Beatrice dresses! I also want to go to the summer camp. Looks like serious fun. One of these days I'll somehow just show up at one of Ben's plays, and that'll be serious fun, too.

    1. I know, right? Regency is beautiful - and pretty darn comfortable to boot! Very little under structure. Though, a friend of mine recently discovered in the "Jane Austin handbook" that they didn't have bloomers, and was a little scandalized that they were just blowing in the wind.


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