Tuesday, August 7, 2012

... hello Fountain Park!

A week has past since we officially moved into our apartment at Fountain Park.  Half of that time we were actually in Chicago visiting Ben's brother, Josh, who in turn was there for an annual conference of the American Bar Association (more on that later...).

We already love this apartment so much more than our previous one. 
The other one was just so BIG, we were struggling to fill it and were overwhelmed at the prospect of even trying to cover wall space (having a 6 foot x 6 foot painting did help a bit on that front).  Here the rooms are of a reasonable size, and with plenty of windows!  The kitchen isn't a cave and even though there may not be enough room for all of our plates and cups, there is a built in book shelf on which we can display them rather nicely.  There is room where we need it and coziness where we want it and so much light!

 Even the buildings seem fresher.  We aren't sure about sharing our apt number with a tax form...

Living room and kitchen.

 Kitchen and living room.

We'll miss our garden area, but have a patio for potted plants.  Our air conditioner is really loud, but we don't have to walk a mile to get our mail.  We don't have a walk in closet with tons of storage space, but we have a linen closet.  It has quirks, but we're quirky, so it suits us perfectly.

We feel like we didn't really take the opportunity to make our last apartment really our own (maybe because half our time there we were talking about moving) so we're making a concerted effort to decorate.  Oh and the plans we have!  We're going to paint! and get a hanging rack for our pots and pans (which currently don't fit anywhere...)!  And finally print our wedding pictures!

  We love the kitchen, especially Ben, who absolutely loathed our last one.  However, see that big box to the left?  That holds the pots and pans with no where to live :(

Did I mention we have two bedrooms?  One will be an office so I can work at home sometimes!  This also means that there aren't unsightly chords haphazardly laying about our living room and our computers can be left out of sight.   The best news:  I happened to telling a professor of mine about said office and she asked if I wanted her unused drafting table?  Yes, please!  I eagerly answered.  It will save us over $100!

Our "office" is currently a room to put everything we don't want to deal with right now.  It isn't actually as much as it seems... we hope.

We have two weeks to settle in before I go back to school, so we'll update you on our progress then!


  1. Yay for new places! We love ours as well! Do you have an IKEA there? They have great storage ideas. Lovely!

    1. We love IKEA! Unfortunately, the nearest one is a few hours away in Ohio, so we're looking at other options first... *sigh*


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