Monday, May 7, 2012


Looking back on this week, I feel as though nothing of significance has happened, but that's prooobably because I leave for the U.K. tomorrow.

In reality, a ton happened, obviously.  I mean, which of the weeks this year didn't have lots of stuff going on?  But this week was a little different as it was finals week... of my first year of grad school!  I finished it!

Sunday was an all nighter for my rendering final on Monday.  We had a five different Shakespearean characters to render focusing on lighting effects.  For example, Titania walking through a moonlit forest, or Othello standing in a doorway, backlit with a bright light, while the room is lit with dim candle light.  It was a fun challenge, and I enjoyed using a mix of various mediums to achieve what I wanted.  I did one in Photoshop, which was the hardest but, apparently Linda felt the most successful.  She is encouraging me to practice with digital rendering more.

Prospero isn't my favorite of the five, but since I made it on my computer, it's the only one I have access to right now.  And it is pretty cool :)

Monday night I made the choice to not be up all night finishing the outfit for the period pattern making class since I knew I would be on Tuesday.  I got as far as I could and with seven hours of sleep, woke early to add finishing touches.  I am really happy with the results.

 I was a little skeptical when my professor suggested adding appliques and a chain, but they covered a mistake I made AND look adorable!

Julia and Me (the giant?)

The Grads: Me, Colleen, Juliam Katie.  Colleen and Katie built dresses for one another.  "It's as if all my favorite novel heroines have come together in the Fight Club." - Linda

 The class! In chronological order: Elizabethan, 1800-ish, 1830s, 1860s, 1870s?, 1880s, 1914!

Tuesday was another all nighter for my costume design final.  I finished rendering costumes for every character of the Tempest, and finished watching Buffy.  That tv show really got me through this semester - I watched all seven seasons in about two months... though I probably only absorbed about 1/3 of it.

Wednesday I was in pretty bad shape.  After the final I had a meeting, I had to sludge through campus to meet with the director of "Waiting for Lefty" to get production photos and have a post mortem (where we discuss the pros and cons of the production).  Finally, I was able to make my way home for a nap.

Thursday and Friday were spent slowly researching and writing a paper for a Moliere class I took in the first 8 weeks of the semester.  Of course, all I really wanted to do at this point was think about London.  It took every once of will to stop myself from doing so.

With the paper finished, Ben and I spent a wonderful weekend together, running errands, eating Mexican food, and watching "the Avengers."  The highlight was getting a new camera for London!  The one we have now is great, but it's kind of big and clunky, and a little slow.  We've had a lot of fun exploring its amazing features, like panorama!

More experimenting led to lots of photos of us.

On Saturday (Cinco de Mayo), Ben and I celebrated three years since we started "going steady."  So we celebrated by getting Mexican food!  We went to a restaurant called la Torre, thinking it was going to be a fast-food sort of place.  It wasn't going to be ideal but we were in a hurry to get to "the Avengers."  We couldn't have been more wrong; the food was amazing!  They were having a Cino de Mayo special: all you can eat tacos, quesadillas and enchiladas.  It was brought out like this:

Our favorite was the quesadilla.  We are definitely planning to go back soon.

And now I'm off to London!  Ben is driving me out to the airport tomorrow morning!  Not a moment too soon because my allergies are killing me...

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  1. Good luck in London! Love the pic of you both. Yay for new cameras and Mexican food!


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