Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break Part II: Babs

So this week was spring break, and I (Barbara) got my hair cut!  I also got a lot of work done... but this post is about FUN!

Then, on 3/14 we celebrated Pi Day by going on a search for pie.  We started at Farm Bloomington, an excellent restaurant that serves delicious, farm-fresh meals.  They would surely have pie, right? WRONG!  Well, they did have pie, but there was only one slice left, and we weren't about to share.

No pie here, where to go next?

Someone at Farm directed us to My Thai, a Thai restaurant.  They assured us that My Thai sometimes has special pie desserts.  Sounds odd, but ok!  At this moment we embraced what this was about to become:  A hunt for pie.

I don't think you'll be surprised to learn that there was in fact, no pie at My Thai.  In fact, the waitresses there seemed quite confused by exactly what we were looking for.  They had sweet rice and mango if we were interested?  We would not settle!

No pie at My Thai.

From there we walked over to the Runcible Spoon - a place I was taken to when I came to visit last year and now take all perspective students because it has delicious breakfast food (and I'm sure other food, but I've only ever really ordered from the breakfast menu).  Alas, no pie.  We did help a waiter decipher a strange question he'd been asked earlier that day: "Do you celebrate Pie day?"  He was - understandably - incredibly confused.  We, of course, do celebrate (starting this year) and hope we were successful in convincing him that eating pie is a really great way to show appreciation of pi.

We were losing hope of finding fresh pie and were resigning to the idea of either Denny's pie or grocery store pie when we remembered a diner I've heard good things about: the Waffle House!  People at Farm turned their noses up at the mention of Waffle House, but we were sure we'd find what we were looking for.

On the way to the Waffle House, we saw Papa John's and realized: PIZZA IS PIE!  Which was a good realization because we hadn't eaten dinner and were about to spoil ourselves (questionable) by eating dessert first.  So we stopped and got some pizza-pie, and Papa John's was having a great promotion, too.

Dinner Pie.

We got to Waffle House.  It was open!  The first picture of the dessert menu was fruit pie!  We got one slice of fruit, one slice of chocolate pecan.


We rushed home to devour our delicious pie and watch West Wing.  Or was it Sherlock?  Or Luther?  It's hard to say, we watched a lot of fantastic TV this week :)

3.14159265... yum.


  1. Love your super cute new hair cut! Your hunt for pie was inspiring. What dedication!

  2. what a fun tradition! i'll have to remember that next year. loved reading about your adventure. you guys are so cute!

  3. Jim Gaffigan does a funny bit about Waffle House. He starts by saying that the first time he went to one he thought to himself, "I owe IHOP an apology."

  4. My first reaction was that I couldn't believe how long your hair had grown! My second reactions was that I love, love, love your new haircut! I think it fits you better than your long hair. Loooove it! Good choice, girl.

  5. We have watched all of those shows in the past few months too. Great taste! And great hair.


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